Get rid of the those sleepless nights, feeling of annoyance and the overwhelm of your investment property, once and for all.

Hundreds of landlords have sold their investment property without paying a penny

See How Easily You Can Sell Your Investment Property with My Help

I understand that being a landlord isn’t all that’s its cracked up to be…

Problem tenants with unrealistic expectations who consistently miss making their rent payment and give half-assed excuses. Your letting agent giving flaky excuses for why your property has sat empty for weeks on end with limited to zero viewings. Increasing pressure from councils with ever changing, hard to understand draconian rules, expensive licenses and extortionate penalties, giving you a never-ending feeling that your rental property isn’t compliant. Your bank balance being sapped by surprise repair costs and rising bills.

Plus the little energy you did have, whilst juggling your 9-to-5 job or retirement, is sucked right out of you by having to continually chase unreliable contractors charging extortionate fees for subpar work.

Plus the elephant in the room being Section 24, which has just come along and just stripped out the limited profit you were making. You may even be losing money now because of this government money grab!

If you don’t sell your property now, you may hate yourself later

You have either two options…

  1. Continue ploughing on as is, hoping and wishing something changes or
  1. Make a change and sell your rental property

Selling your property can help remove this heavy burden allowing you space and time to rethink your investment approach. Be that generating money to simply exit or put the money towards better, more profitable property ventures.

Dear Landlord,


My name is Richard Mews, and if you’re thinking of selling your investment property and want to do so seamlessly and with someone who knows what they are talking about I’m pretty confident I can help.

I’ve been in property for more than 35 years, buying my first property in 1986.

And since 2012, I’ve helped more than 417 landlords get a quick sale for their investment property. I share this not to brag but simply to highlight my experience. Whatever your reason for selling their investment property I can help deliver a personalised solution.

Here’s the first property I bought back in 1989.

My reason for selling is different…

There’s numerous reasons why you may be selling your investment property. Maybe…

You want to sell your property with tenants – Not to worry, 70% of property we buy come tenanted.

Your property has been void for months on end and isn’t in the best of areas – Not to worry, we buy these type of properties all the time

You want to sell your entire portfolio but avoid a hefty capital gains tax bill– Not to worry, working alongside our accountant and advisors, we can help structure a tax-saving sale.

Your property has been broken into & ramp-sacked – No need to do any repairs, we will buy as is.

Your property value is lower than the mortgage value – I personally have properties in my portfolio which are in negative equity but have found great solutions to help change the fortunes of these properties. I’ll share my solutions so you can benefit too.

Genuine Review from a REAL LANDLORD.

So whether your selling because for personal or financial reasons, or you simply wish to get rid, then you can rest easy that my Free Landlord “No More Worries” House Sale Short-Cut is for you.

Here’s What You Get With Our Free Landlord “No More Worries” House Sale Short-Cut

No matter your reasons or the obstacles you’re facing with your property, my Free Landlord “No More Worries” House Sale Short-Cut can help you. Built upon my 35 plus years of experience and hundreds of transactions, this Short Cut provides a unique dedicated landlord selling programme to fast track your property sale, save you time, reduce your costs, give you peace of mind plus builds your wealth.

Here’s What You Get to Fast Track Your Property Sale & Optimise Your Wealth.

A Fair No-obligation Offer typically within 4 hours

I use 77 factors to determine the price I offer. Unlike an estate agent, I have different valuations and solutions based upon the type of property and your circumstances.


Access to 2,500+ dependable buyers

I will either buy your property myself or one of our reliable buyers will, who we vet check and take a non-refundable deposit from to help minimise any problems in the future.


Zero legal fees to pay

We cover all legal costs, assigning you a top-ranked solicitor who is incentivised to get the conveyancing completed as soon as possible.


No estate agent fees

Putting more money in your pocket and giving you back your sanity by not having to deal with high pressured sales and continuous let downs & excuses.


No Auction fees

Saving you typically £5,000-7,000 as is commonly charged by auction companies, which you may have been liable for even if your property goes unsold.


Tenanted Property?

No Problem – Our team and distinguished solicitors have 10+ years’ experience dealing with tenants in situ.


Negative Equity? No problem

As shared before, I’ve been through this, have a proven solution and can help you too.


Repossession Solved

Save your credit rating and reputation by getting access to my 20-years PLUS, repossession-stopping specialists.


No Boards

Sell your property discreetly and confidentially. Nosey neighbours need not know.


No more than 2 viewings needed

Minimising the disruption to your tenants and saving you from time-wasting buyers.


Property Onboarding Forms Done with You or For You

You may not have the time, inclination or understanding for completing the key property conveyancing forms. Me and my team will help you.


Continually kept informed and updated

By our dedicated progression team who continually work nights & weekends to deliver a smooth transaction.


Are you going to screw me on price…

Being a fellow landlord and property investor, I appreciate that you want honesty and no fluff. That’s why I’m transparent in our approach to the offer we give you for your property.

Often using just one tool such as Zoopla’s market value tool will often times lead to a very unrealistic value

Instead, as well as using Zoopla and Rightmove, I use data from numerous propriety sources to determine the value of your property.

Doing all of this allows me to give you an offer that won’t lead to us having to reduce the price in the future.

Finally, the offer I make will reflect giving you a competitive price. A price that maximises the money you receive whilst also allowing me to make a fair margin as an investor. A win-win for us both.

This sounds too good to be true…

Don’t just take my word for it, scan your eyes over the following…

Genuine Review from a REAL HOME OWNER.

I simply love property. So unlike the majority of quick house sale buyers, I’m not here today and then gone tomorrow. For these reasons:

almost 30% of past landlords, sell more properties to me after their first sale

37% of past landlords refer a friend, family or colleague. AND… close to 42% of the properties we buy come through word of mouth.

Can’t I just work with an estate agent

Yes, you can and often I encourage this to many of the landlords who contact me. I understand my services aren’t suitable for every landlord thinking of selling.

If you’re happy to wait 6-9 months to have your property sold and completed, have tire-kicking strangers visiting your property day in day out, have boards up so the snoopy neighbours know your selling, deal with late night calls and ‘assey’ messages from your tenants when trying to arrange viewings, have to ensure all the property is 100% compliant with all paperwork and licenses in place, and also put up with both your solicitors and the buyer’s solicitor not caring whether the conveyancing gets completed this year or the next…30% of estate agent sales fall through

then our service isn’t for you and it may be best to choose an estate agent.

Benefits you deserve when working with me vs an estate agent

 Richard’s Landlord Sales ProgrammeOther estate agents
Estate agent commission fees to pay (typically 1-3%)NEVERAlways
Legal fees to payNEVERAlways
Legal fees to pay even if the sale falls throughNEVERAlways
Work with a fellow landlord who actually knows what they are talking aboutYESRarely
Hard selling from day oneNEVERAbsolutely
Sale sign boards so neighbours and tenants know you are sellingNEVERYes
Lock in agreements with financial penaltiesNEVERYes
A flood of tire-kicking viewersNOYes
Repairs to the house neededNOYes
House must be fully compliantNOYes
EPC Paid forYESNo
Gas safety certificate paid forYESNo
35+ years of property buying experienceYESI wish❗❗❗
A solution for every situationYESNo
Experience valuing bespoke investment propertyYESNo
Years of experience valuing and buying HMOsYESNo
Willing to agree a price and then reduce it laterNEVERAlways
A dedicated progression team to minimise the time it takes to complete on the propertyYESNo
A non-refundable deposit taken from the buyerYESNo
Willing to help rent your property if you decide not to sellALWAYSNo
Willing to give you the best guidance and advice even if that means you do not choose themALWAYSNever
Follow up support and help after completionYESNo
Accessible 24-7YESNever
Deliver a solution as promisedALWAYSNever

86% of estate agents aren’t right for selling investment property. But finding the 14% who are is like finding a needle in a haystack. Time and money lost, with stress and uncertainty guaranteed.

Get Started Today and Get an Additional £5,850 in Property, Tax and Wealth Management Savings & Professional Support.

  • Leasehold Management Packs paid for, up to a £500 allowance (Value £500)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) paid for (Value £100)
  • Specialised Tax Advice, including one-to-one advice from a tax specialist accountant, cheat sheets, calculators and video tutorials. (Value £3,000)
  • Estate Planning expertise to help optimise your wealth and retirement planning (Worth £1000)
  • Buying Another Investment Property package with discounts on mortgage broker and solicitors fees (Worth £250)
  • Probate Fees paid for (Worth up to 1,000)


Our research has found that that 93% of properties never complete within 14 days of the date set out when the sale was initially agreed. However, my team and I are are committed to getting your property sold quickly and improving upon this mystifying stat.

That’s why, if your property doesn’t complete within the 14 days of an agreed date, then we’ll actually pay you £140.

As you and I both want a quick sale, as long as there has been no delays or complications caused on your side, we’ll issue you this payment.

Let’s Sum It Up – Here’s Everything Included In Your Landlord “No More Worries” House Sale Short-Cut

  • A time-tested fast track house sale that gives you a fair no obligation offer and saves you time, money and stress, without having to deal with high pressure sales from agents.
  • Bonus savings and specialist professional help to put more money in your pocket
  • A guarantee that confirms our commitment to a swift sale.

I think I would prefer to sell my house with you, Richard, what do I do next..

I’m glad you think so. Our landlord property sale programme is very simple.

Share with me a little info about your property

Receive a provisional, no obligation offer subject to viewing – typically received within 4 hours.

(I understand the time and hassle of arranging a viewing with your letting agent or tenants. So this step saves you the hassle if you prefer not to accept our offer on this occasion.)

If you are happy with the offer, then…

We’ll set up a quick appointment to view the property and firm up my offer.

(Rarely do I change my offer. Typically this only happens if the information shared in step 1 is very different in reality).

We complete with a reputable and proactive conveyancing team so you get cash in your hands quickly.

So now, all you need to do to get started is to compete step 1, by calling…

0191 486 2386

Or completing the short form below

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