Can I Value My Property Instantly?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Can I value my property instantly?” Well yes, you can value your property instantly in current times. Years ago it was much harder, but now with the internet, with the property portals, it’s much easier to do so. Now when valuing a property, avoid the … Continued

How Does A Quick Sale On a House Work

It really depends where you go. If you’re going to a quick sale company and you agree a price, obviously it’ll be a discounted price to the value. Then that’s fine. They’ll sign you up for terms, and they will really go through the process very quickly. Most of them will, but not in all, … Continued

How To Sell Your House With Tenants In Sunderland

If you are planning to sell your house with tenants in Sunderland, things can get a tad complicated due to tenants and the leasing agreements. In today’s post, we discuss in detail the nuances of selling your house with tenants. The most important thing to remember when selling your house with tenants in Sunderland is … Continued

What Certificates Are Needed When Selling a House

Your solicitor will ask if you have any certificates and guarantees in place, because you will need to disclose them to the buyer’s solicitor. Damp is one the main certificates. If you’ve got a damp proof certificate, then produce that. And to be honest, it’s to your benefit to do that, to put all the … Continued

How Much Do Cash Home Buyers Pay

I’m going to explain how much quick cash buyers will pay for your property. Many people need to sell a property quickly, and I get asked this all the time, “What percentage do you pay?” For us at Sell With Richard, we don’t have a fixed percentage. Personally, we look at properties and say what … Continued

Window Fittings When Selling A House

I’m going to talk about windows and window fittings. Bit of an unusual subject really but somebody just asked me to do a video about this. Solicitors will always ask if you’ve got a guarantee with UPVS windows. Is it FENSA guaranrtee? And they’ll ask you to forward that on. Also check the condition of … Continued

Sell Your House and Rent Back Option

One of the questions I get asked quite a lot of times, “Can I sell a house and rent it back?” Well, no, it is much more difficult to do that now. There is one or two companies that offer that service and they have to be regulated by the government. Going back 10 to15 … Continued

Who Will Buy My House As Is

Often I get asked, “who will buy my house as is, in the current condition it’s in?” People are always looking for property. Not everybody is looking for the perfect property every time because everybody has different taste. A property that might need a bit of refurbishment, might appeal to quite a lot of buyers … Continued

How To Sell An Old House Fast

“How do you sell an old house fast?” Well, I’m sorry, I don’t see the difference between an old house and a new house. They’ll all go at the same speed. Selling an old house vs a new house will sell roughly at the same pace unless their is mitigating factors. An old house might … Continued

How To Sell Your House Fast In A Slow Market

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown at the moment, the market is very, very slow. It can be difficult in a slow market. So if you want to sell your property fast, I think you’re going to have to look at your price and think if it’s competitive. If it’s not competitive, then you’re going … Continued