STRONG Buyer Demand

Hi there, Richaed Mews here! I’m here to provide some updates on this week’s property market and share with you how our week has been. Generally, It has been a pretty busy week, which just means it’s beena great week. We’ve had quite a lot of inquiries from people wanting to sell their property quickly. … Continued

Can’t Sell My House But Want To Buy Another

“I can’t sell my house, but I want to buy another.” There’s lots of people in that predicament. It really depends what you’re willing to accept for your property. Are you motivated enough to take maybe a few thousand pound less or do you need the full asking price? That’s what you’ve got to ask … Continued

We Sold a House in Sunderland in 24 Hours

Hi there, this is Richard Mews! I’m here to give you another weekly update on the status of the property market. Last week was a little bit quieter, but properties are still coming through. We’ve taken three more and actually we have sold one.Last Monday, I went to see one property in Sutherland and we … Continued

13 Best Property Apps 2020

Online Property apps have considerably grown in popularity over the years due to the convenience and efficiency they offer. Many estate agents have caught up in the trend which rose to the creation of countless apps claiming to offer the best service. Scrolling through all of these apps, trying to find the most suitable app … Continued

How To Paint Your House To Sell

The best way to spruce up a house before selling is through aesthetics. Trying to make structural and major design alterations may be too much. But smaller changes such as paying extra attention to the paint colours of the house will add value to your property. If you’re looking to sell it quickly, investing in … Continued

Can You Sell a New Build House – Straight Away

Can you sell a new build house The difference between selling a new house and a property you’ve owned for for sometime can be rather significant. There is a tendency for buyers to prefer a period house. In 2011, the Future Homes Commission conducted a research on newly-built houses. They found that 75% of UK … Continued

Sell Your House in 3 days

Hi there, this is Richard Mews! I’m here to give you another weekly update on the status of the property market. Things have been very good last week and we’ve been entrusted with a number of properties. Four of the properties we handled are located in Hartlepool. We sold two of them last Friday and … Continued

Can I Sell a House with Foundation Problems

Selling pristine and perfect property is complicated enough. Trying to sell a house with issues can be even more difficult. However, homeowners still tend to decide to place their property on the market when they discover issues—especially foundation issues. The phrase “foundation problems” is a tall and difficult wall to climb for potential buyers. It … Continued

Can I Value My Property Instantly?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Can I value my property instantly?” Well yes, you can value your property instantly in current times. Years ago it was much harder, but now with the internet, with the property portals, it’s much easier to do so. Now when valuing a property, avoid the … Continued

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