Certificates needed when selling a house UK

What Certificates Are Needed When Selling a House

Your solicitor will ask if you have any certificates and guarantees in place, because you will need to disclose them to the buyer’s solicitor. Damp is one the main certificates. If you’ve got a damp proof certificate, then produce that. And to be honest, it’s to your benefit to do that, to put all the … Continued

How Long Can You Leave Your Property Empty

The question I get asked a from property owners and in particular landlords is “How long can I leave a house empty?” The simple answer is you can leave it as empty as long as you want. But …you will find that you might get the council coming around knocking on your door if it’s been … Continued

How To Sell a Retirement Flat Quickly

Interactive Guide Index Marketing a retirement property is even more complicated than selling regular homes. There are a lot of considerations to be made in order to mitigate the disadvantages. However, that is not to say that there isn’t a market for it. According to the Office of National Statistics, life expectancy increased in 2019 … Continued

How Quickly Can a Cash House Sale Go Through

I often get asked how quick can a cash sale take to complete? In short, a cash sale will go through a lot quicker than a mortgage buy because: Whereby a non-cash sale can take longer to complete because all of the above have to be carried out. Interested in selling your house now? If … Continued

Can You Sell a New Build House – Straight Away

Interactive Guide Index Key Takeaway Can you sell a new build house The difference between selling a new house and a property you’ve owned for for sometime can be rather significant. There is a tendency for buyers to prefer a period house. In 2011, the Future Homes Commission conducted a research on newly-built houses. They … Continued

Can You Sell a House Without Building Regulations

Interactive Guide Index Key Takeaway If you’re planning to sell a property without building regulation approval, there are important considerations to be made. Often, there are two common situations that can be attributed to not having building certifications. First, there are cases where homeowners forgo the official approval. Maybe you’re just converting a space in … Continued

Is selling your house to a cash buyer a scam?

  Interactive Guide Index There are several reasons why you might want to use a cash buying company to sell your house – relocating, emigrating, divorce/ separation, financial difficulty, facing repossession, you’ve inherited a property and so many more – and it’s a great option but there’s one thing you should remember when looking at … Continued

Can I Sell My House Before Divorce? And Everything Else You’ll Need to Know About Selling a Property Before, During or After a Divorce or Separation

Interactive Guide Index If the worst has happened, and you and your spouse are preparing to split, then some difficult discussions will need to take place, and some tough choices made, especially if you’re homeowners. For instance, you’ll have questions about your property. Who’s going to get it after the divorce? Will you sell the … Continued