What Certificates Are Needed When Selling a House

Your solicitor will ask if you have any certificates and guarantees in place, because you will need to disclose them to the buyer’s solicitor.

Damp is one the main certificates.

If you’ve got a damp proof certificate, then produce that. And to be honest, it’s to your benefit to do that, to put all the certificates together, because then the buyer can say that you’ve got all these guarantees which will give them more peace of mind.

Second one is the windows,usually the guarantee for UPVC windows. If it’s a buy to let property, then you will be asked for the electric certificate or commonly know as the EICR. A new law came into place in 2020 requiring all buy to let properties to have an EICR completed at least every 5 years.

If your property has a gas supply, you want what’s called a CP-12, a gas certificate. By law this needs to be carried every year by landlords and issued to tenants in situ. If you haven’t got one I would recommend doing this not only for your sale but to ensure you don’t fall victim to committing a criminal act.

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What Certificates Are Needed When Selling a House
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