Sell My Fire Damaged House: All You Need to Know to Get Your Fire Damage House Sold Quickly

The aftermath of a fire can be upsetting for homeownersthe loss and damage to property can make it difficult to know where to begin.

Do you repair the house or try to sell it?

The simplest way to help make a decision is to consider the structural damage to the building and whether an insurance settlement would cover the cost of repairing the home. If your insurance does not cover the expense, you may want to consider other options.

We’ll go through all of the options you have to sell your fire-damaged home and factors to consider to help you make an informed decision.

Fire Damaged House and What it Means for Selling

Fires can start anywhere in the house, not only in the kitchen. In some situations, the fire may just have a superficial impact. However, in other situations fires can cause structural damage to your property, jeopardising the building’s stability.

No matter the fire damage, it will inevitably devalue the property. Owners must be willing to sell at a lesser price than an undamaged property would sell for on the property market.

I Want to Sell My Fire-Damaged House; What Are My Options?

Kitchen damaged by fire in the North East of England

Fire damage may decrease the value of your property, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sold. Thankfully, there are two options for selling your fire-damaged home; auction or selling through a buyer. 

Auctioning a Fire Damaged House

Selling a fire-damaged home at auction may be an effective option in some situations. The key benefit is that it can speed up the entire sales process, allowing the property to be sold faster than traditional means. Former homeowners may be able to get funds more quickly to invest towards finding a new place. 

However, there are a few disadvantages to consider. The sped-up timeline gives little wiggle room to increase earning potential. Sellers lose the ability to negotiate offers or make minor repairs that may improve buyer interest or price. There is also the question of whether someone will purchase the property at auction as purchases are not guaranteed.

Selling a Fire Damaged House

You can still sell a home with fire damage, no matter how extensive the damage is, but you will normally have to accept a lower sale price if you are unwilling to invest in fixing the damage. If auctioning your home isn’t an option, there are ways to quickly sell your property through a cash buyer. Selling your home can be a simple and speedy process with Sell With Richard, with a cash offer within 24 hours. For more information call  Sell With Richard on 0191 486 2386 today or simply fill in the short form below

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Should You Sell a Fire Damaged House as-is or Repair It?

When it comes to selling your fire-damaged house, you have two options; repair the damages or sell as-is. 

Selling as-is means that no property damage is repaired and you seek a buyer. This is an ideal option for those who want a quick sale, or the costs to repair the damage are too high. However, selling as-is will decrease your property’s value. How much your property would sell for is determined by several factors, including the extent of the damage, type of damage, and property size. 

Repairing the damages may be a viable option if the damage is minor. In this case, it’s best to contact a reliable construction company for a quote. One benefit of repairing damages is that your property’s market value won’t drop as drastically compared to selling as-is. However, it can be a costly and time-consuming process, so it’s important to consider costs against your property’s worth to determine if it’s a viable option for you. For more information on market values for fire-damaged homes, contact Sell With Richard today on 0191 486 2386 or or simply fill in the short form below.

House Fire and Repair Costs

Fire damage repair costs vary based on the situation and extent of the damage. Often, tradespeople may request to inspect the damage personally to assess the necessary repairs and accurately quote costs. Typically, costs range from £500 to £70,000.

Numerous factors influence fire damage repair prices in the UK, including:

  • Size of the property
  • The extent of the damage
  • Type of damage, for example, smoke or soot
  • Cause of the fire
  • Location of the fire

Knowing these factors can assist you in predicting fire damage costs to create an appropriate budget for repairs.

How Does Insurance Work on a House Fire?

Fire Insurance Agreement in the UK

Typically, standard home insurance policies cover accidental fire damage to your home or belongings. Fire damage may be covered under both your buildings and contents insurance policies.

A fire, even if it is minor and easily handled, can cause significant smoke damage. Your contents insurance should also cover smoke damage and any damage caused by emergency services if they have to make a forced entry. It will also likely cover any claims resulting from putting out the fire, such as water damage.

Useful Resources

Here are some additional resources that may be useful while dealing with a fire-damaged property: 

1.    The Red Cross: The Red Cross provides emergency response support throughout the UK to help you recover from a fire, including temporary housing assistance.

2.    Your Local Council Housing Office: If you become homeless as a result of a fire, the council deems you as a priority for housing. If a fire destroys your home, you can request temporary housing through your local housing office.

3.    Association of British Insurers: If you’re experiencing trouble progressing an insurance claim, the Association of British Insurers may be able to help.

How Can I Sell My Fire-Damaged House Quickly?

When it comes to selling your fire-damaged house, there are several factors to take into consideration. Should you repair the home before selling it? Will insurance cover the costs of repairs and damage? Who would buy a fire-damaged home?

While fire damage can have a negative impact on your property’s value, it doesn’t prevent you from selling. Here at Sell With Richard, we consider all types of properties.


Is it Better to Auction or Sell a Fire Damaged House?

Auctioning your property can be a simple process, and an agreed-upon date could put your mind at ease. However, it’s important to remember that auctioning your property doesn’t guarantee a buyer. On the other hand, choosing a cash sale can result in a quick offer, but you may receive an offer lower than market value. 

Is it Better to Sell a Fire Damaged House via Estate Agents?

Fire-damaged houses sell for more at auction than at an estate agency sale because potential buyers do not have the option to haggle the price down. In an auction sale, the price can only rise through the process of competitive bidding.

Do I Need to Disclose Fire Damage When Selling?

If you’re selling a home that has had a fire, disclosing the fire damage is not only a good idea; it’s often a legal requirement. In many regions, sellers are required to provide potential buyers with a property disclosure statement, which contains information about previous fires and the repairs that followed.

What Will My Fire-Damaged House Sell For?

If a property has experienced substantial fire damage, it is often sold ‘as is’, with the owner choosing not to invest the time and money in repairing the damage. The value of your property after a fire is determined by the amount of the damage caused.

Want to sell your fire-damaged house? 

Contact Richard today by filling out the form below for more information and to discuss your options. He’ll be more than happy to discuss your situation and help you move forward with selling your fire-damaged property. 

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