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Can I sell my house before repossession?

Interactive Guide Index How does repossession work?How quick is the repossession process?What happens if my home is repossessed/ Why is it beneficial to sell myself before repossession?If my house is repossessed will I get an equity / If my house is repossessed will I get any money back?Do I lose my deposit if my house … Continued


How to sell an empty house fast

Top five ways to sell a vacant home There are lots of ways to sell a house, but some are better choices for a house that’s already empty. 1. A cash house buying companyThis is a quick easy way to 100% guarantee a sale. There are usually no costs, no estate agent fees and no … Continued

Discussion With A Real Estate Agent, a businesswoman signing a contract for Insurance protecting house, a real estate home is pointing to insurance contract signing and are explaining to customers.

How many estate agents should I use to sell my house?

Interactive Guide Index Sole agent Joint agent Multiple agents The advantages of using more than one agent The disadvantages of using more than one agent Just over 4 months is the average time it takes to sell a house from start to finish. And it takes an average of 7 weeks to even get an … Continued


Estate Agent Lying About Viewings

I want to talk about why estate agents sometimes lie about viewings. I’m not trying to imply that all agents are bad. They are not. We actually work with quite a lot. There’s a lot of very good agents out there, but there’s some that are a little bit unscrupulous in the way they do … Continued


Should I sell my house in London now?

According to Zoopla, it’s estimated that 1.5 million homes will change hands in 2021, making it the busiest year for the housing market since 2007.  There’s a few reasons that might have happened.  Prices started falling back in 2016 after the EU referendum.  The global pandemic and the, what felt like, never ending lockdowns has … Continued


The lazy way to selling my property in the UK when living abroad

Interactive Guide Index Critical Factors I Need To Consider Taxes Currency Exchange Risk Knowing What May Cause Delays In The Sale Process Should I Sell My House If I Live Abroad? Three Practical Tips For Selling A House When You Live Abroad Choosing A Practical Estate Agent Who Won’t Let Your Property Dwindle On The … Continued

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Can I Sell My House On Gumtree Or eBay

Interactive Guide Index Benefits Of Selling Your House Without An Estate Agent Pricing and Marketing Control Zero Estate Agent Commissions Complete Knowledge Of Your House How To Create An eBay Listing  Costs Of Selling On eBay How To Create A Gumtree Listing Costs Of Selling On Gumtree 5 Tips To Help Get Your House Sold … Continued

Financial concept about Negative Equity with phrase on blank notepad.

Can I Sell My House In Negative Equity?

Are you a landlord or homeowner with a property that has limited or no equity? Along with more than 2 million households, you are probably feeling uncertain and imprisoned by your mortgage. What was once a dream of owning your own home or having a portfolio of properties with zero debt, seems a distant past. … Continued

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Cost To Sell Your House

I get asked many a time, “What’s the cost to sell your house?” First of all, solicitor fees. For solicitors’ fees, minimum £500 up to £1000 depending on the solicitor. And as you may know, there’s good and bad ones out there so pick wisely to ensure you get value for money. You will always … Continued

a calculator in front of a Villa house model with a blueprint

Sell My House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Fast

Interactive Guide Index What is a HMO? Why Sell a HMO in Today’s Market? Section 24 Increased Building Costs How to value a HMO Bricks & Mortar Valuation Commercial Valuation What documents are needed to sell an HMO? Should I Sell a HMO With or Without Tenants? How to Choose the Right Buyer for a … Continued

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