Cost To Sell Your House

I get asked many a time, “What’s the cost to sell your house?”

First of all, solicitor fees. For solicitors’ fees, minimum £500 up to £1000 depending on the solicitor. And as you may know, there’s good and bad ones out there so pick wisely to ensure you get value for money.

You will always have to solicitor fees for the conveyancing process. You will need also an energy performance certificate. That’s another thing that you’ve got to have by law. They usually cost about £50. If you do them through an estate agents, they’ll cost you more.

You also need to factor in estate agent fees.

You may wish to negotiate with them on the fees they charge. Some start at as little as £750 but can go up to £2000 or more. That’s on an standard property.

Some more executive houses tend to be charged at a much higher rate. So it depends on the quality and value of your property.

Now, that as the basic costs to consider.

But if If you’re selling an investment property, I would always advise you to have a CP12, which is a gas certificate. You should always have a valid one of them. An electric certificate too, although at the time of writing this an electrical report is not required by law.

Some people try and tell you that you need to get a Legionnaires’ disease report.

Absolute rubbish. You do not need that.

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Cost to sell your house
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