How To Paint Your House To Sell

The best way to spruce up a house before selling is through aesthetics. Trying to make structural and major design alterations may be too much. But smaller changes such as paying extra attention to the paint colours of the house will add value to your property. If you’re looking to sell it quickly, investing in giving it a “new look” is definitely worth it.

You may think that the current paint colours of your house represent your personality perfectly, but it may not be optimal for the market. Colours that are too “out there” are especially difficult to sell. Potential buyers have to see their future in your house, and if the paint colours are not agreeable, you might hit a roadblock.

Here are some suggestions and considerations to help you choose the best paint colour for your property.

Exterior Colours

The façade of the house is what a buyer sees first. It’s only natural to make it a priority when playing with paint colours. While investing in exterior paint can be hefty, it can be worthwhile depending on your situation.

According to veteran estate agent Jodi Gilmour, potential buyers tend to prefer houses in “move-in condition.” It’s not in their best interest to have to paint their potential new house themselves. Potential buyers base their decisions largely on impression. If your house sticks out in the neighbourhood like a sore thumb, it might hinder any sales.

Neutral colours are best for the house’s exterior. You need to be wary of using bright and vibrant colours especially in neighbourhoods that are generally muted and crowded. For example, a research by Zillow found that exteriors painted with creamy or bright yellow sold for £3000 less than other properties of similar value. This is the same way for brown houses.

According to Realtor Magazine, while grey has become less popular for the house interior, 52% of designers still believe that it is the best exterior colour. White has also garnered the same number of votes. A combination of grey and beige (greige), as well as a muted blue or taupe also became a trend that saw a significant increase in prices of homes. This way, by choosing neutral colours for the exterior, you are not imposing on the tastes of the potential buyers. It will help them imagine their lives in your house.

You need to also think of the best colour to paint the front door to sell a house. Zillow reported that doors with charcoal, smoky or jet-black colours sell for £5000 more. It is also recommended that you pay attention to your surroundings when deciding the colour of your door and exterior. For example, if you live near a seaside, a blue door might be perfect for your house.

Interior Colours

In most cases, you also need to neutralise the interiors of your houses. Themed rooms are especially a no-no when you’re selling. When thinking of the best interior colour to paint your house to sell in the UK, there are a few things you need to consider.

When it comes to trends in interior design, there are conflicting opinions on the colour grey. While some designers think that it may be falling out of fashion in 2020, researchers at still found that grey is still the most popular colour this year, followed by white and beige.

It may also serve you well to keep the interiors cool and unassuming. Light blue, periwinkle or grey-blue bathrooms, tuxedo kitchens, and taupe living rooms have been gaining popularity. These colours tend to induce an illusion of space and cooler temperature. Neutral earth tones were also found to be the most agreeable to potential buyers.

Avoid brown tones for the dining room and dark red interior walls. These colours are known to knock off significant value from your house. Generally, this is not the time to personalise the colours of your house. Niche colours such as bright greens or reds (even gender-specific rooms) can hurt your chances. Avoid yellows!

When choosing the right paint colour to sell, you need to pay attention to trends and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You need to think: If I were someone else, would I live in this house?

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