Sell a House with Noisy Neighbours

Who wants a property with noisy neighbours?

It depends on how much disruption and noise they’re causing. To sell a property with real noisy neighbours you could experience some major challenges.

The reason being is when you go through the legal process of selling a property, you’ve got to disclose:

  • Have you any disputes with neighbours?
  • Are they noisy?
  • Are there causing any disturbance?

And if they are, then you would have to declare that.

You’d have to disclose it because if you didn’t and the buyers came back and found this is problem, they can opt sue you. That could happen and has happened in the past. So you must disclose it.

But how would you sell it?

If your neighbours are noisy, then obviously you have a problem. If it’s consistent and really, really loud, then you have every right to go to your local council and they will advise you on what to do.

Now, years ago, I used to be on a council. And they used to advise, look, keep a diary of the times when noise is happening and how long it’s happening for. So I would recommend to just keep a log. If you can, videos would help, or recordings. And then submit them to the council. Now after that the council can use this to take further action including raising a noise abatement order.

If they abatement order fails to solve this issue, the council may take court action. This can be an expensive and long drawn out process but if you are seeking to sell your house resolving the noise will help with a seamless sale. Also to note, if your neighbours reside in a council owned house, the council could take eviction steps.

I hope that’s been helpful and if you want to have a chat about it anytime, my number is 0191 486 2386. Feel free to pick up the phone at no obligation whatsoever, and we can have a nice friendly chat.

Sell a House with Noisy Neigbours
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