4 Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Northumberland

Selling a home for the first time can be almost as difficult as buying your first home, if not harder. A lot of things go into finding a suitable buyer at the intended price. First time home sellers may not be aware of all that is needed to successfully sell their property.

Which is why today we present our…

4 best tips for first time home SELLERS! 

Prepare and Pack Before Listing:

If your house needs a patch up, get them done before you put up the listing. Remember that every flaw that comes up during viewing will diminish the value of your home. At the same time, make sure the house is as uncluttered as possible when you show potential buyers around. Pack up every unnecessary item and store then in the basement, garage or at your friend’s house. Make sure no part of your house is unnecessarily blocked off thanks to your items. The more uncluttered your house is, the more its beauty and character will come to the fore. Make sure that all your listing photos are devoid of unnecessary clutter as well. Pictures that are packed with seller’s items tend to get overlooked.

Get the Price Right the First Time:

Now that you are ready to list, it is paramount to get the asking price right. Most of us have an emotional attachment with our homes which leads us to overvalue. But if you price your house too high, it will drive potential buyers away forcing you to drop the price. But each price drop is logged on listing services. Such a history may indicate a distress sale or something wrong with the property. Doing proper research to identify the correct price range for your property from the get-go will attract more buyers. It will also lead to fewer price drops. The best thing to do is to hire a professional appraiser service for a few hundred pounds for an exact price range.

Showing is the Key:

As your listing draws attention, buyers would want to view your property. Make sure you are open and flexible to accommodate them at the time that suits them, not you! Unless you have a hot property in your hand, an open house is not a feasible idea. For most first time home sellers, direct showing is the best approach. If you have uncluttered your house as advised, direct showing at odd hours should not be much of a challenge. Even if you are slightly inconvenienced, never show any disrespect to the potential buyer. Extending your best courtesy and hospitality will go a long way in selling your house quickly and with profit.

Make Your Listing Picture Perfect:

The pictures of your house that accompany the listing create the crucial first impression. If you have shoddy clicks that do not bring your property to life, your listing will most likely get ignored. To attract premium buyers, you need to produce clicks that speak to them. Hiring the services of a professional photo studio or a pro photographer can work wonders. Unclutter your house, pop well-lit pictures that showcase the strengths of your house and make sure you add as much detail as possible with each photo. A well-composed advertisement with quality photographs and details of the property will surely grab many eyeballs.

Selling your home can seem daunting. But it can be simplified by following the tips above and assembling a quality team who can do the heavy lifting on your behalf. If you follow the tips we have provided in this blog, you can sell your property easily at the price that you want.

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