5 Proven Tips to Sell Your Home Faster Sunderland

When selling your house in Sunderland, time is of the essence. The longer your house languishes on the list, you incur insurance, utility, maintenance, repair, cleaning and other costs. These costs eat away at your final sale price. So you want your house to be sold as quickly as possible.

According to data, the longer it takes to sell your house in Sunderland, the further away you go from your original asking price. To make a solid profit and sell as close to your original price as possible, you need to seal the deal quickly. Today we look at…

5 proven tips to sell your home faster in Sunderland!

  • Unclutter Your House:

Cleaning up all your stuff and packing them away should be the first on your list. You should get this done before you even list your house. We cannot stress the importance of this simple yet effective solution to selling your house faster in Sunderland. An uncluttered house leads to great pictures which in turn creates more attention for your listing. Once the ad gets eyeballs, you will start getting requests for showing. During a viewing, if your stuff is scattered all over, potential buyers cannot visualize themselves living inside the house. It is an immediate turn-off. You want to give them a nice, clean, and unobstructed view of the house. Hiring a professional cleaning and staging service can provide that finishing touch to make your house appealing.


  • Doll Up The Curb and the Front:

The first impression is often the impression that counts. Most sellers in Sunderland get so caught up in cleaning and retouching the inside of the house that they forget the outside completely. Yet, that is the view buyers see when they pull up to your house. If they are put off by what they see immediately, the rest of the viewing may not go the way you want. For a nominal cost you can hire a professional service to do the following:

  • Fix and redecorate the front of your house.
  • Paint the front door and fences.
  • Weed and clean your garden or front lawn.
  • Plant attractive plants and flowers.
  • Get fresh new doormats.
  • Paint or buy a new mailbox, handles, gates, and other paraphernalia.


  • Submit Professional Quality Photos:

Before the viewing, a buyer’s only reference to your house are the photographs you submit. Dull boring unattractive photographs will cause them to swipe left. What you want are professional quality photographs that stand out from the crowd and accentuate the salient points of your property. You can employ a professional photographer or someone with a flair for photography. But make sure that the photos are not mundane. Try to accompany each photograph with a detailed description. Buyers love to get as much information as they can before investing their time.


  • Get the Price Right the First Time:

One of the surefire ways to sell your home faster in Sunderland is to price it correctly and attractively. Many sellers submit an over the top price in the hopes of snagging an uninformed buyer. But the chances of that happening in this age of the internet is slim. All that does is elongate the wait time for your property to be sold. If you start with a very high price, you will eventually have to lower the price over and over again. Such repetitive drops in price often send negative signals to buyers. They might think that this is a distress sale or something is wrong with the property. So hire a professional appraiser, research on the sale prices of similar properties in the neighborhood and complete other due diligence before pricing your house.


  • Highlight the Perks of the Neighbourhood:

Buying a house is a huge commitment. Often, a buyer might like the property but not like the surrounding area. To glorify the perks that come with your house, you should create a complete presentation of the neighborhood, surrounding areas, amenities, transportation, parks, and other salient features. You can include this information in your listing or hand the information to the buyers during viewing. If you live in a friendly neighborhood that believes in communal gatherings and festive activities, ensure to highlight the fact. Most buyers would rather live in a friendly community.


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