What Can You Do If You Have No Viewings On Your House in 2020?

We never know what’s happening with the market and how strong or how weak it is. It can change pretty quickly. But here are some good tips that I typically share with landlords and homeowners.

you’ve got to present your property in a real good condition. So if it’s looking poor, then it will put buyers off. So to get viewers through the door, you need to have it looking clean and bright, not too cluttered.

Actually, if you can give it a coat of paint inside, that’d be great. Light, neutral colors are best, specially white, as it makes the property and the rooms look bigger and it gives a brightness to it. So that’s always one tip.

Also the garden as well, the outside. If people think, it looks horrible from the outside, they’ll actually assume it’s the same inside. So these little points do make a difference,.

Have you signed on with the right agent?

You may think that if you had used an agent that you would have received viewings. Before choosing an agent do some research online and just see if they’ve got any sold or rented signs up for properties listed with them. Also determine how many they’ve got on the market. Check them out. You don’t want to be locked in with the wrong agent to then have your property stuck with no buyers.


You might not have it at the right price.

That’s important. So if you’ve got, for example, a three bedroom semi, go on Rightmove and Zoopla and just check out what’s for sale in your street. If not, in the streets nearby that are pretty similar. There you get a bit of an idea of what sort of values that properties like yours have gone for. But ideally what you’re looking for is that words ‘SOLD’ or ‘Sale Agreed’. Because then you know, someone’s been prepared to pay that price for that property.

I always say that you’ve got to price your property right to get people through the door. They need to be priced attractively. If you’re going to be pricing them well, well above what is the market value, and estate agents, to be quite honest, will just tell you what you want to know. They don’t always give you an honest assessment and they’ll say “Oh yes, we can get that.”  Well, the property will struggle, but what they do is then sort of catch you, they draw you into a trap. And what it is, is they’ll get you to sign up and then you’ll get no viewings and then, a few months later they’ll come back and say, “Oh sorry, we haven’t had any viewings. We think maybe you want to consider dropping the price?’. So that’s absolutely crazy. If you get the price right from day one, and it’s attractive and at a good honest price, then you will get the people through the door. And that’s what you want.

These are a few tips that I can give you to get people to view your property this year.

And we also come to the time of year, the spring, when people are looking to move. And that’s when you get the enquiries. So really get onto it now and then you’ll hopefully get some people through the door.

Now, if you want to talk about it any time, feel free to contact me any time at 0191 486 2386. it’s no obligation and I don’t use any pressure tactics. Just a simple confidential chat.

What you can do if you have no viewings on your house in 2020
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