Can you sell a house without a bathtub

Selling a property isn’t only about the house’s design and structural integrity. While ensuring that the house looks perfect and that there are no defects or faults in need of repair is paramount, the amenities present are also important. A simple bathtub could be the thing that puts you ahead of the competitors and earn you the best deals.

There is no denying the value of bathtubs. Research has been conducted about the necessity of even just one bathtub in the home, especially for those looking to resale. When selling a property, you need to ensure that potential buyers can envision their life in your home. LA interior designer, Erica Islas, says that having a bathtub “improve[s] the odds of resale” and that “[w]hen you sell, you’re selling a lifestyle and having no tub will hinder [that].”

However, as with most things, selling a property without a bathtub is not impossible. It can be difficult, yes, but there are ways to do it.

Bathtubs VS Showers

Whether you’re selling a house with a bathtub or a shower-only bathroom, there are pros and cons for both sides. You can keep these in mind when selling. Here are some of them:


If the property you’re selling isn’t particularly spacious, a shower-only bathroom is space-saving and practical. However, if you have space to spare, there’s definitely value to acquiring a tub. The value can often depend on whether you need the extra space that a shower-only bathroom provides.

Convenience and efficiency

Convenience, of course, depends on the lifestyle of the potential buyer. For example, if they want to save water, a shower is your best bet. This also helps with accessibility especially for PWDs. If your potential buyer has kids, however, having a bathtub can skyrocket your chances. Put yourself in your ideal buyer’s shoes and think whether you need a bathtub or not.


If aesthetics matter at all, a shower-only bathtub has a wider potential for remodelling and redesign. There are a lot more options for showers than there is for bathtubs. After all, remodelling bathrooms is known to be a good investment.

How to sell

You already know that even though it’s not impossible, selling a house with no bathtub is difficult. So how do you do it?

Know your ideal buyer

You’re selling a lifestyle here. It’s only natural to sell your bathtub-less house to those who prefer showers. Buyers with children might find it easier to bathe them in the bathtub. Use the benefits of a shower-only bathroom we talked about earlier to your advantage.

Increase your shower/bathroom’s value

You have the option to remodel and push your shower’s value. Look at possible designs and configurations that you think would fit best with your entire house’s aesthetic. Even the smallest walk-in showers can turn out to be clincher for your sales pitch.

Without having at least one bathtub in your house, your potential buyers may be limited. However, this can also be your chance to focus on the ones that might give you a great deal. You can’t please everybody, after all.

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