Can’t Sell My House But Want To Buy Another

I can’t sell my house, but I want to buy another.”

There’s lots of people in that predicament. It really depends what you’re willing to accept for your property. Are you motivated enough to take maybe a few thousand pound less or do you need the full asking price?

That’s what you’ve got to ask yourself

But obviously you know you want to buy another property. You might think it’s on there now, and you don’t want to miss it. And you think,

“Well what do I do?”

And you have several options, but it’s financial that you have to take all this into consideration because it could be a big hit, because you could bridge, put a deposit or bridge the buying of the second property.

That’s if you’ve got some equity or plenty of cash available to do that while your other property is being sold. I would always say it, look before you even start to think about it, make sure you do your research.

Look online on Rightmove and Zoopla to make sure that your property is worth what you say it’s worth, what the estate agent say it’s worth, it’s not going to lag on the market for a long time at that price. That’s important, you must do your research to know that your property is going to sell at a certain price. Do your sums and then see if what you can do to afford the second house, how you can go about it.

Maybe even speak to the owner and just say the position you’re in. Most owners would be sympathetic up to a point. But a lot of them would say that they are going to leave it on the market and if somebody else comes along it will be gone. So it is a bit of predicament.

Like I said, we get it all the time. Suddenly somebody comes and says, they’ve seen their dream house and wants to sell current house now.

Fair enough.

It can be done, there’s a price for everything, but in most cases it doesn’t happen because they can’t afford to sell, at a little bit of a discount.

So I hope that’s been a help. Now, if you’ve got any questions, any time, just give me a at 0191 486 2386 and we’ll have a chat. No obligation.

Can't Sell My House But Want To Buy Another
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