Documents Needed To Sell A House By Owner

We’re going to go over what documents you need to sell a house.

When you get through to solicitors, they’re going to ask for a property information report, and you need to go through all that and tick off the boxes of what’s there. You will be asked to provide other documents, and this will probably include if you’ve got any guarantees for boilers, damp, windows etc. You’ll be asked to provide them, so they’re the main documents you should gather straight away.

Also, if you’ve done any alterations to the property, your solicitors will need copies of building regulation agreements. Likewise, if you’ve had extensions or changes which have required planning permission then you’ll also need to provide evidence.

You also need, by law, to produce an energy performance certificate (“EPC”). Normally your estate agent should do that for you or you can instruct a local energy assessor.

Don’t get it done by the estate agent. Have a look online because it’s there. Estate agents can large premium for organising an EPC.

You can eliminate that.

As part of the conveyancing process you will also need to complete compliance checks, which will require you providing your solicitor with certified copies of proof of your ID and address. Without this your solicitor will not be able to start the conveyancing process.

And if the property you are selling is in a joint name such as your your spouse or partner, they’ll have to do the same. So that requires you taking your driver’s license or your passport to your solicitor or if distance is an issue you can take the same document to another solicitor or post office to certify your.

(Note: check with your solicitor that they’ll accept post office documentation.)

If you are selling a buy to let rental property you will need to take additional compliance steps. Your solicitor will require proof to link you to the ownership of that property. So they will want a copy of either a mortgage statement or alike for that particular property. As we deal in a lot of these types of sales, we do see that all the time, you’ve got to have that additional proof that you own the property. And your name on the land registry unfortunately will not suffice.

I hope this information helps. If you want to have a chat about this please give me a call on 0191 486 2386.

Documents needed to sell a house by owner
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