Estate Agent Lying About Viewings

I want to talk about why estate agents sometimes lie about viewings.

I’m not trying to imply that all agents are bad. They are not. We actually work with quite a lot. There’s a lot of very good agents out there, but there’s some that are a little bit unscrupulous in the way they do business. They’ll do and say anything to get you on books to sell your property. For example, they’ll say,

“Oh yes, you’ve got lots of viewings. We’ve got lots of viewings in this area. I have lots of interest. You’ll sell your property fast.”

And in a lot of cases that doesn’t turn out to be right because it’s just a false view, they give you a false opinion because they’re simply just trying to get you onboard just to sell your property.

And once you have been onboard, they think,

“Well, we’ve got you now. So, I make changes to the price in the future”

And a lot of them work like that, and it’s wrong because they could be saying that they will get you lots of viewings, but there’s no demand at the moment. No demand in that area.

Always have a look yourself and do your own research because a lot of sellers just don’t do research. They don’t have the knowledge of the area. And agents take advantage of that.

They will tell anything you want to hear.

So if they say that they are getting a lot of viewings in that area, take that with a pinch of salt. Look at the sold prices, if there are properties tat have sold in that area in the last few months, dive deeper and check how much have they sold for and how long has the properties been on the market. Do a little bit of your own digging.

Don’t believe everything they tell you.

That is what my advice is with agents and viewings. They will tell you anything just to get you on their books.

If you’ve got any questions about this topic or any other, feel free to call me on the phone and have a chat . You can call me on 0191 486 2386.

Estate Agent Lying About Viewings
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