Get The Best Price For Your House

Your house needs to be in the nicest condition if you want the best price. So it’s no use having the property in poor condition, especially if you want residential buyers, you want it to be looking good internally and externally. That’s important.

People forget about the externals of the property.

Sometimes it’ll look a bit tacky or the garden’s overgrown. Don’t do that, you’ve got to make it attractive from the outside because it’s the buyer’s first impressions that count. If they come and see that on the outside there is over grown grass everywhere and paint’s flaking off, they’re going to think the inside’s pretty poor as well.

You also want to ensure the agent takes professional photographs that amplify your house. It’s no use having poor images as buyers will automatically disregard your house thinking, “Oh, that looks horrible, I’m not interested in that, I’m not going to see it.” Presenting your property in the best condition you possibly can both through pictures and in person is importance for you getting the best price.

Once your house is in best condition and great pictures have been taken, then you need to actively market it at the right price which will require you doing some research. . Make sure that the agents got it on at what it’s worth, at a competitive price. You don’t want it overpriced because you’ll just waste your time.

So make sure it’s at the true value, and do your own research and don’t let the agent talk you into an inflated price because sometimes they do that just to get you on the books. They’ll then come back to you in two or three months down the line when you’ve had no equiries and no viewings and demand that you reduce the price.

So if you want to sell at the best price within the best possible timeframe, do your own research and have a discussion with your agent and say, “Well, this sold at this price,” because really what they’re going to be looking for is what’s previously sold on Rightmove or Zoopla. Look at the sold price history in the last year or two year at the most.

And if you find that similar houses have sold on average at £100,000, thats telling you something. You want to be selling at about the same price level.

Hope this has been helpful, if you want to have a chat with me anytime about it, call me at 0191 486 2386.

Get the best price for your house
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