House Buyer Pulls Out Last Minute

Some people have asked me, what happens when a house buyer pulls out at the last minute?

There can be all sorts of reasons, whether it be legal reasons, the survey comes back with issues, there can be down values or where the buyer simply changes their mind about the property.

This can be really annoying.

What can you do?

Well, you can’t do anything as far as trying to resurrect your old sale, so you’ve got to go looking to resell your property as quickly as possible. It does happen at times, and I’ve personally had this happen to me. What you’ve got to do is quickly get out there, get it on the market and get it resold.

You’ve just really got to grin and bear it😬

It does happen and it’s a fact of life, so get it on the market again, get it actively marketed, get straight back onto your estate agent. See if you had any previous viewings, ask your agent to recontact them and say, “Look, it’s still on the market, are you still interested in buying it quickly?”

Try to get it moving as quickly as possible.

That’s the best advice I can really give you in this situation. I know it’s not easy, and especially if you’re in a chain and you’ve got another property to buy.

But I deal with this every day, so if you have run into this problem, you might need to sell it quickly. So feel free to give me a call anytime on 0191 486 2386 and we can have a no obligation confidential chat. There’s no selling from me whatsoever, we’ll just have a chat about your circumstances, what your options are, what we can do, and you can make a decision from there.

House Buyer Pulls Out Last Minute
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