How Does A Quick Sale On a House Work

It really depends where you go. If you’re going to a quick sale company and you agree a price, obviously it’ll be a discounted price to the value. Then that’s fine.

They’ll sign you up for terms, and they will really go through the process very quickly. Most of them will, but not in all, send a surveyor out, view the property and make sure that the values tie up. Once they’ve done that, then obviously they’ll start and say, “All right, yes, let’s move on. We’re appoint solicitors.”

In a lot of cases, they’ll pay all legal fees if you use one of their nominated solicitors, so that’s saving you money.

The reason to do that is because their solicitors can probably get the house sold quicker than traditional solicitors. Again, you are effectively getting a quick sale and not a slow sale, which is what you want.

One thing to consider…

Now, there’s also local, quick sale buyers. You can see them advertising on Facebook and internet, and they obviously buy quick as well. Again, they will want a discount to the value of the property in order to incentivise them to buy quickly. You are foregoing some value to do that. Check out the local buyers as well, because with them being local and knowing the area, they may be able to provide a more favourable solution to you.

Check them out and see what they all come back with price wise. Don’t just go with the first one that you see on Google. Pick about a half a dozen out and get quotes off them all because they will vary, there’s no doubt about it.

Also, always ask questions. such as…

  • How do you complete?
  • What’s your process?
  • How long am I tied in for?
  • Will you reduce the price at a later stage?

Always ask plenty of questions.

Now, if you’ve got any questions about selling your home quickly then please feel free to call me at 0191 486 2386.

How does a quick sale work on a house
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