How much does an en-suite add to your house value?

If people add an en-suite to the property, does it add any value to the house?

It obviously an attraction for a lot of buyers because they have an additional bathroom, with at least one being en-suite it can be quite attractive.

It depends what your property is like. It’s obvious it will add some value. But depends on the quality of your property. If it’s a little two-bedroom, it’s going to add very little value. But on a three or four-bedroom property with only has one bathroom, it’s going to add so much more appeal to buyers.

That’s what you’re really looking for.

It’s appeal to buyers, and adding an ensuite to house in shortage of toilet and washroom facilities is a worthwhile improvement to invest in.

My opinion is also to do your research. Have a look yourself at your area, your particular property type, and have a look on Rightmove and on Zoopla, and just see the properties that are selling in your street or in your area. Do they have an en-suite? Are they just single bathrooms? And then you’ll see and get a feel for which ones are selling better than others and if that’s the case for properties with an en-suite.

So, does it make a difference?

You’ll have to find out for yourself. I can’t really just say it will or or it won’t. Do your research, that’s important. I say this every time that once you do that, you should be able to get in a position that you think an en-suite will add value to your property.

But not only that, you’ve got to look at another thing. Are you looking to sell your property? Are you looking to stay there for a long time, to live there for a long time? If you do want to live there for some time, you might think, “Well, yeah, I’m going to get the benefit of it, and I’m going to really enjoy it. So, it’s going to be useful. So, we’ll do it.”

If you’re going to sell it and sell it fairly soon, you’ve got to think really hard. “Is the cost going to stack up and give you a decent return?” So, a lot depends very much on your own situation, whether you really should go ahead with it. That’s my advice.

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How much does an en-suite add to your house
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