How To Sell A House Full Of Furniture Fast

We’ve come across this ourselves when we bought property with furniture in, and we wanted to get rid of it pretty quickly.

You can get the house clearance companies in, but believe me, if there’s nothing of any value there they’ll charge you quite a bit of money, £400 to £500 quite easily. Think of your bulky objects, and if they have no value and you want rid of them consider listing them for free on Gumtree. Beds, mattresses, old wardrobes, stuff like that will go very quickly.

Typically in a week

We have typically put them on a seven day listing, put them on free of charge; pull on up, come and collect them, and in a week’s time they were all gone.

That saved us a fortune.

If we had to hire someone it would have cost an absolute arm and a leg. So getting rid of the big stuff is the priority. The little stuff you can take to jumble sales or you can put them as online listings such as Facebook Market Place.

If you’ve got anything of any value, obviously you need to go through and say, “Oh, well that might be worth a few pounds,” and you might get some money back. But generally, this is a very good tip and we’ve done this ourselves.

So hope that helps. If you have any questions any time, my number’s 0191 486 2386.

How to sell a house full of furniture fast
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