How To Sell My House Fast Tips

Here are some tips on how to sell your house fast.

If you want to sell it quickly, then reconsider selling it via en estate agent and instead consider using a quick house sale company. An estate agent may seek to overvalue your house in order to win your business. For example, they may value your house at £120,000 despite other nearby houses similar to your selling for £95,000.

But many estate agents will do that to get your on their books.

Once you’re on their books they’ve got you in their grasp. They’ve signed you up.

They’ll know it will be difficult to sell at £120,000 so they’ll come back to you in a couple months time and say, “Oh, we’re struggling. We’re struggling at this price. We think you should drop it.”

So, you’re never going to sell your house fast, unless you have all the information and knowledge yourself.

But And with the internet, you can quickly go online and get a better understand on the true value of your property.

So go onto Rightmove and Zoopla and check out whats for sale, whats been sold and how long it took to sell. By focusing on the the last two years of sales you’ll be able to get a very good idea of what the true market value of your house is.

This will prepare you for working with an estate agent or a quick house sale company.

Go on and see what’s for sale and how long it’s been on the market for.

And then once armoured with this information, why not get some prices off some quick house sale companies?

They’ll review your home and make you an offer based upon what they believe the market value is. Different companies will derive different values so I would recommend you speaking with a couple of buyers to get a comparison.

Another option you have is to try and sell your property yourself. Using the information from your online research on the value of your house, you can list your house on planes such as Gumtree for a small fee at a price that will incentivise buyers.

Make sure your property is in a good condition. It must be nice from the outside as well as inside. If it looks nice from the outside, people get that first impression it’s going to be nice inside. If it’s tatty outside and it’s a palace inside, that’s the impression they’re going to get. So, that’s another tip.

Those are some simple but effective tips to sell your house fast.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, call me anytime, about this because I’m just at the end of a phone. Absolutely no obligation; here’s my number 0191 486 2386.

How to sell my house fast tips
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