How To Sell Your House Fast In A Slow Market

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown at the moment, the market is very, very slow.

It can be difficult in a slow market.

So if you want to sell your property fast, I think you’re going to have to look at your price and think if it’s competitive. If it’s not competitive, then you’re going to have to reduce it.

You’re going to have to see what properties are selling for at the moment. Try and go online and look at what’s for sale onyour street and if there’s any sold or subject to contract, or under offer. That’s going to give you a better idea of what the values are at the minute.

Now that does not mean that you’ve going to sell it fast because you’ve got that value.

You want to go to an estate agent. And what I would recommend is to look at their listings and check what is sold and how long they’ve been on the market. If it’s been a a number of months then be prepared for a slow sale if you sell at the same price.

But if you can afford to take a little bit less for it, then I would say you’re more likely to sell it in the slow market. So you’ve just got to be a little bit patient. Sometimes it depends on your personal circumstances and how quick you need to sell. If you’re not in a hurry to sell, hang fire a bit until things might pick up. And I’m sure they will. There’s no doubt about that.

So just be very, very careful. Be patient. Do your research. And I’m sure that your property will be sold pretty quickly.

Hope this helps. If you’ve got any questions, my number is 0191 486 2386.

How to sell your house fast in a slow market
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