How To Sell Your House with Solar Panels

We often get asked how would you sell a property with solar panels?

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In short you sell it exactly the same way as a house without solar panels However, there are things to you need to consider.

You probably have a contract with the solar panel electric company who you’ve signed up with, effectively the supplier. You need to read through the terms and conditions as there may be a restrictive covenant on you selling or you may potentially being liable to make a payment if the house is sold and the solar panels have to be removed. You may wish to consult a solicitor if this is the case.

Assuming you move ahead with the sale you will just need to provide copies of the paperwork to the buyer’s solicitors as part of the handover packs. The buyer’s solicitor may also want to see copies of recent bills and charges.

So from a selling perspective that’s all you need to really consider.

However, when it comes to valuing your house, solar panels may have an influence.

Some make the case that solar panels can add value to your house. And I would tend to agree if the tariff rate provides a sizeable discount and the remaining contract has quite a considerable amount of years left.

In the ascendancy of solar panel fittings, there were some really, really generous feed-in tariff contracts, but nowadays they’re not quite as generous. And if thats the case the value of your property is unlikely to be any higher than a house without solar panels.

In fact, some buyers may be put off due to the visual aesthetics of solar panes on the rooftops of your house. This is especially the case for retail buyers, such first time home buyers and families, who typically purchase their home based upon first impressions.

If you want further guidance on selling a house with solar panels feel free to contact us by calling 0191 486 2386.

Sell House with Solar Panels
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