Property For Sale – Looking for Cash Buyers Only

Want to sell your property, but to cash buyers only?

Well that’s great in a perfect world, but you don’t always find cash buyers on your doorstep every day and that’s the reality of it.

It also depends on the value of your property.

If it’s an investment property in the North East under £40,000 to £50,000 then your chances of finding a cash buyer is pretty good, although you will probably have to give a discount off the price to get a cash buyer.

If it’s a higher priced property, over a £100,000 and you’re selling it to the residential buyer market, you’re going to find that quite difficult for a residential buyer to come up with cash for it. Unless it’s massively undervalued, it will be very, very difficult.

Like what I always say, do your research and look at Rightmove and Zoopla, see what your values are and see what’s the lowest you can sell it at to hopefully attract a cash buyer. Alternatively, there’s the auction route as well.

But if you want to have a chat with me about it any time, feel free to contact me at 0191 486 2386. There’s absolutely no pressure tactics used. Just a confidential, no obligation chat.

Property For Sale Cash Buyers Only
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