Ready Willing And Able Purchaser

If you have a ready, willing, and able purchaser of your property, and you’ve got somebody that’s said, ‘Right, yes, I will have it. I’ve got the money. I want it pretty quickly.’

But when you’ve got somebody who’s really keen on your property, you’ve got to play along and make sure to cooperate for it to go through as quickly as possible.

I’ve found out once or twice where vendors have said, “I’ve got somebody that really offered me a good, decent price,” and they also say, “Oh, I think I can get a bit more than what you have offered because they’re that ready and willing and able, it must be worth more.”

Well, obviously it’s not.

I had an instance with this. A couple of months ago, a property near Bishop Auckland. It was a nice 3 bed terrace, and the vendor tried to sell it for about £70,000.

They had another offer, and somebody else came along with a higher offer. And they decided, “Oh, yes, we’ll go with the higher offer”.

Now, the first offer was somebody ready, willing, and able to complete quickly at a decent price. And somebody come along with a bit more. But what happened was the one that offered more money disappeared, and low and behold, the ready, willing, and able buyer also disappeared.

Gone and went and bought somewhere else.

The lesson to be learnt from that story is that if you have a ready and willing buyer …

If it meets your price, take the money. Don’t be greedy, don’t prolong things and get the deal through as fast as possible. I’ve just seen it so many times how this happens with sellers. They get this false sense of security because they think they’ve got somebody really keen, believing everybody must be keen to buy it. But that is not always the case.

There are many buyers that are time wasters!

Your ready, willing, able buyer might just like the property, might have fallen in love with the property, might need a property in that particular area, or just needs to move there quickly for a job or alike.

If you don’t complete the sale quickly, they’ll move on and find another property.

So, be very careful when passing up on a ready, willing and able buyer.

I hope this helps. And if you want to have a chat anytime about anything like this, please feel free to give me a call 0191 486 2386.

Ready willing and able purchaser
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