Sell Your House in 3 days

Hi there, this is Richard Mews! I’m here to give you another weekly update on the status of the property market. Things have been very good last week and we’ve been entrusted with a number of properties.

Four of the properties we handled are located in Hartlepool. We sold two of them last Friday and I’m expecting the other two to be sold this week as well. I say this because I already have a viewing scheduled in one of those two properties for tomorrow. Many buyers are still looking to buy a property which just signifies that the demand is there and it’s still high.

This is why,

If you’re a landlord and you’ve got a property that you’re thinking of selling, I would say let’s have a look at it straight away. We’re selling everything out very quickly and we can help you do that in your property as well. I really believe that there’s no better time to sell an investment property, than now.

We grabbed this opportunity to take some more properties in York, which is outside of our area. They are really quite expensive properties, up to £700,000. But, that’s just a fair amount considering its location in York. The demand there is soaring. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a £20,000 property or a £1 million property, as long as the demand is there, it’s still a win.

Apart from that, I’ll also have a look at our property in Sutherland this week. They’re lovely properties located in the good areas of Sutherland. So keep them coming while we’re at it.

Just pick the phone up, and give me a call at this number 0191 486 2386. We’ll have a chat and we’ll evaluate your property, and go over your portfolio. Based on those, I’ll advise you best I can. I’m not one of those high-powered sales people. I’ll just give you the best advice I can think of and I’ll be realistic with you in telling you what you can get.

Sell Your House in 3 days! | Weekly Market Update 003
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