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Hi there, this is Richard Mews! I’m here to give you another weekly update on the status of the service accommodation that we refurbished. Just so you know, that’s now complete and we are now accepting guests!

The Browney Place, Browney Lane, Durham, UK

So, what’s really happening this week in the market?

Well, it’s still pretty good. Properties are still coming through and buyers are still out there. I said last week that we had some properties in York, a block of four, and some others. And we’ve got quite a few block viewings booked for them for next Saturday, quite hopeful that they will go.

What else?

We sold some flats at Sunderland pretty much straight away!


So, if you have anything to sell at the moment, give me a call, and we’ll take a look at it.

We tailor the property sale experience based on the needs, wants and capability of the buyer as well as the seller. My number is 0191 486 2386. You’ll have no obligation upon inquiry. Let’s chat and see what comes of it.

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