Selling House After One Year

If you want to sell a house anytime, it’s not a problem. It depends what your circumstances are and whether you expect to get the full market value price.

I think if you’re selling it after a year, and there’s been no price rises, then you’re certainly going to be out of pocket. There’s no doubt about that, because obviously you’ve got your legal costs of when you first bought the property, legal costs for when you sell it plus moving costs and other associated expenses. So do your research and see if the prices are the same or whether they have changed.

Is there still a demand?

You may know pretty much from when you bought it, because a year is not a long time. Unless anything drastic happens, then there shouldn’t be much change in demand. So, it should have the same amount of demand and typically the price may have remained unchanged too.

But the trouble that you’ll really have is whether you will have a willing buyer at the price you expect?

It could make quite the difference. So, it’s perfectly ok to put your property on the market and attempt to sell it. Moreover, if you use an agent, an agent should advise you what the current state of the market is and if you can get the same money for it or if you’re going to get less or if you’re going to get more.

If you are selling a house after one year and would like to discuss your options in further detail, please free to give me a call 0191 486 2386.

Selling house after 1 year
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