STRONG Buyer Demand

Hi there, Richaed Mews here! I’m here to provide some updates on this week’s property market and share with you how our week has been.

Generally, It has been a pretty busy week, which just means it’s beena great week. We’ve had quite a lot of inquiries from people wanting to sell their property quickly.

Fortunately, buyers also came just as fast.

Just this morning I went to Thornaby to see a vendor who wants a quick sale. He has a nice three bedroom property with a tenant who pays £550 a week. The property is a great find that’s why we’ve agreed to sell it for him. He’s moving to Manchester in about a month’s time. Taking that into account, I need to get the properties’ pictures and the videos out to our investors fast. We expect the property to be sold next week.

The demand from investors is really high at the moment and I expect it to go even higher in the days to come. What’s happening in the property market now is unprecedented. This is the busiest I’ve been, handling countless buyers looking for properties to buy. They also want them fast. So if anybody’s got anything to sell, you can contact us at 0191 486 2386, and we’ll have a look at your property. We’ll know right there and then if we can sell it – for how quick and how much.

Although the buyers want a quick sale, they hope for a decent enough price for the property they’ll buy. These types of home buyers go a little bit more up-market – which is a good thing.

Presently, properties having those descriptions are quite popular buys.

Right now, we’re also careful when dealing with mortgage situations. We highly recommend mortgages to our buyers. However, when we do this, we make sure that the application is accepted for the property before we’ll put it down as sold. This is because we’ve had one or two buyers who have been declined. Although that’s just normal, we’ve become extra thorough and careful to avoid that from happening again.

We tailor the property sale experience based on the needs, wants and capability of the buyer as well as the seller. So, if you want to sell your property, have it run by us. My number is 0191 486 2386. You’ll have no obligation upon inquiry. Let’s chat and see what comes of it.

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