What colour of front door sells a house fast

Sellers often underestimate the importance of a properly coloured front door. Once they’ve done all the bigger, seemingly more impactful preparations before selling, there is a tendency to ignore the smaller details. Property experts emphasise the importance of the colour of the front door when it comes to first impressions.

The trouble though is choosing the correct colour to paint the door. You may be willing to do-up your property’s front door before selling, but where do you start? There are a ton of colours out there, and choosing just one could be overwhelming. Especially if that choice ends up being the difference between a highly-valuable property and one with low returns.

Here are some proven ideas and tips that could serve as your guideline in making a decision.

Look at trends

There is no one magic colour that’s guaranteed to sell your property quickly. However, as with any other design elements, you can refer to current trends. For example, in a 2018 analysis, Zillow discovered that homes with black or charcoal grey front doors tended to sell for $6,271 (£5000) more than other colours. They found that neutral to darker colours are more popular.

Currently, Architectural Digest predicts the resurgence of often-ignored neutral tones such as a muted, refreshing spearmint colour. This doesn’t only apply to doors, but also the interiors.

This preference for neutral colours is echoed by the Head of Savills country department, Lindsay Cuthill. She says that front doors with extreme colours rarely have “broad appeal.” Of course, extreme can work, even if it rarely does. But you need to keep in mind the possible preferences for your clientele. You need to pay attention to the psychology of the colours that you choose. However, it often pays to look at what’s popular.

Think of your front door as the centrepiece

The idea that potential buyers can be influenced by colour is not only limited to front doors, of course. But it is what buyers see first. We can’t undervalue kerb appeal when selling a property. If you are able to choose a fresh, attractive colour for the front door, it can be a selling point in and of itself.

Thinking of the door as the centrepiece can maximise its value. It shows potential buyers the amount of thought you’ve put into making the property as attractive as it can be.

Pay attention to the surroundings

Even if you’ve picked the trendiest colour, it might not be enough. When Ultra Violet became the Pantone colour of 2018, purple doors became all the rage. However, if your property is in a countryside area, a purple door might cause it to stick out, and potential buyers might not love that.

There is appeal to complementing with the neighbourhood. For example, if the property is in a coastal area overlooking the sea, a blue door can be amazing. In classier, more elegant neighbourhoods, darker shades of blue or green could be perfect. For red-brick Victorian homes, teal blue or other elegant colours can be a beautiful contrast. Blues that are too bright would look cheap and might devalue your property, so be careful in choosing not only the dominant colour, but also the shades.

There are, however, cases that going crazy on the colour of the door can give you great returns. If the property is situated in a drab and generally grey neighbourhood, having a bright pink or yellow door might just set your house apart. In the colder Northern areas, having a lively front door would do you well. Even if blacks are trendy, it may cause your property to look too cold.

Again, you have to think of who you’re selling to and what they might potentially want. You can look up some inspirations or even observe your own neighbourhood for ideas. Even if the front door doesn’t seem to be too big a deal, it can make or break your sale.

This article may be able to help point you in the right direction. If you are looking to sell you house and you don’t want to think about the right door colour to choose, then we can help. Get in contact with us today to get a no obligation offer.

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