Estate Agent Not Performing

Let’s talk about estate agents not performing.

I get a lot of questions from sellers where they say, “Well, you know what, I’ve been trying to sell my house, and my estate agent is absolutely useless, not performing.”

There’s some very good agents out there, and there’s a lot of poor ones, and you’ve really got to do your research before you sign up with one.

You might think, no, your local agent’s good. Somebody might have told you that, “Oh, they sold my house in such and such a time,” but do your own research. Just have a look, and go on Rightmove and see how long it’s actually taken them to sell a property. How many have they got up, are there sold banners up, under offer banners on the properties. Have a drive around. Do you due diligence before being trapped with the wrong estate agent.

But if you have already signed up and they’ve just left your property on their books to rot, waiting for the next phone call from an interested buyer rather than proactively getting out there to sell it, then that’s no good to you.

If you’ve got a property for sale, you should be getting viewings. If you’re not getting viewings,

If you have got a property for sale, you should be getting viewings. If you’re not getting viewing

  • Then the agent is not bothered, or
  • They have priced it wrong!

You’ve got to make sure that your property is on at the right price as well, or it’s never going to have any viewings. And, if your agent’s not performing or not bothering or not keeping you in contact and aware of the situation, then they’re absolutely no use to you.

What I would advise as well is

Don’t sign up to a long term Lock In Agreement with any agent.

It’s not in your interest to do so, because if they don’t perform, you might be stuck with that agent for quite a while. So for be very, very careful.

If you want to chat, give me a call. You can reach me at 0191 486 2386 and feel free to give me a ring anytime. I’ll happily give you advice and recommendations. It’s no obligation and Im not going to sell you anything whatsoever.

Estate Agent Not Performing
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