We Sold a House in Sunderland in 24 Hours

Hi there, this is Richard Mews! I’m here to give you another weekly update on the status of the property market.

Last week was a little bit quieter, but properties are still coming through. We’ve taken three more and actually we have sold one.
Last Monday, I went to see one property in Sutherland and we sold it the next day!. Another property is in the Farrington area that’s renting about £500 a month. That’s really a good property for an investor to buy.

The demand is still strong, and we need more and more properties. I know for a fact that it’s still a difficult market with the estate agents as I’ve spoken with two last week, as well the auction houses in the North East are not up and running doing physical auctions yet and have to wait time because of the current situation.

So if you want to sell your house quickly, and get it completed through the legal process quickly, we can do that. If you’ve got to move on, and there’s a lot of people out who do need to move on quickly, then give us a call at 0191 486 2386. We can sell your property quickly.

We Sold a House in  Sunderland in 24 Hours |  Weekly Market Update 004
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